Episodic change is an illusion – an excuse to prepare for the reality of constant change.

At the core of our work is the belief that moments of transition, growth, rupture, or decision points create the optimal conditions for reconnection with our vision and values, and for heightened awareness of our organizational identity. We see change as an opportunity to help organizations and people build on their strengths and become greater versions of themselves.


Our team is dedicated to partnering with our clients to identify opportunities for organizational growth amid change.  We harness our experience with diverse modalities and techniques to achieve goals together:


We love helping organizations connect the How and What they do to the Why. Our approach is centered on a clearly articulated vision that drives everything from culture to operations and metrics. We create processes, conduct research, and mobilize teams to align vision to process and resources, and achieve measurable results.

“Adena has the unique gift of being incredibly strategic, focused and results driven while also being attentive to the human process of change, from individual needs to group dynamics.  Her high emotional intelligence helps her quickly earn the trust of those she works with so that they together can focus on the work at hand. She’s a skilled and strong leader without being heavy handed, and expertly facilitates group processes to move decision makers to actionable and confident decisions. Adena is a delight to collaborate with, a real team player, and works at the highest level of excellence in everything that she does.”


– Chief Learning Officer, Digital Strategy Agency



We've worked with a range of organizations in corporate, public sector, and non-profit spaces:


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